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Voice Cloning

Moemate's voice cloning feature personalizes interactions by enabling you to generate custom voice models based on you or people you know. Your AI companion now sounds just like your chosen persona, making each conversation uniquely yours.

Cloning a new voice:

Cloning a new voice is fairly easy. All you need to do is to fill in the following fields.


Name your cloned voice


Describe you cloned voice

Example: “A pirates voice resembling captain jack sparrow”


You may use labels to further describe the voice and to help you find it later. Example: “Accent:pirate, Pitch:low, Speed:fast”

Record a voice sample:

Record samples of your voice to clone. These samples are sent to our third-party partner, ElevenLabs to analyze and create a voice model.

Ideal Recording:

It is important to have good quality audio. Between 30-60 seconds is enough to create a good voice model. Having more than 2-3 minutes of audio will yield little improvement and can, in some cases, be detrimental to the stability of the clone.

Text sample for ideal voice sample creation:

“Prosecutors have opened a massive investigation into allegations of fixing games and illegal betting. Different telescope designs perform differently and have different strengths and weaknesses. We can continue to strengthen the education of good lawyers. Feedback must be timely and accurate throughout the project. Humans also judge distance by using the relative sizes of objects. Churches should not encourage it or make it look harmless. Learn about setting up wireless network configuration. You can eat them fresh, cooked or fermented. If this is true then those who tend to think creatively really are somehow different. She will likely jump for joy and want to skip straight to the honeymoon. The sugar syrup should create very fine strands of sugar that drape over the handles. But really in the grand scheme of things, this information is insignificant. I let the positive overrule the negative. He wiped his brow with his forearm. Instead of fixing it, they give it a nickname. About half the people who are infected also lose weight. The second half of the book focuses on argument and essay writing. We have the means to help ourselves. The large items are put into containers for disposal. He loves to watch me drink this stuff. Still, it is an odd fashion choice. Funding is always an issue after the fact. Let us encourage each other.”

Cloning someone else’s voice:

It is against ElevenLabs’ policy to clone someone else’s voice who isn’t the author of the recording without their explicit consent. That is why we only support live recording of voice samples.

To learn more and get tips and trick on voice cloning, visit the ElevenLabs guide here:

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