Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is an optional feature offered to subscribers. Some users have been requesting for the ability to have synced chats across devices. Note that, by default, Moemate doesn't stores any chats. All chats are stored locally in the user's browser. So In case user decides to clear browser cache, they first need to export their chats from "Manage chats" section in chat settings. Otherwise, they would lose their chats.

Cloud mode is introduced to tackle this problem for those who want to use cloud. It keeps uploading all your chats to the user storage, associated with you account.

  • For existing users, who already have local chats, turning on cloud mode would upload all their chats to the cloud.

  • Any subsequent chats will automatically be uploaded to cloud and synced across devices

  • Turning off the cloud mode while you have chats stored in cloud mode would erase the chats from your app. However, Turning the cloud mode back again would bring them back.

  • By turning off the cloud mode, all your subsequent chats will be stored locally again.

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