Introducing modules, which can be enabled from the module store. Modules indicate additional skills that can be added to your existing features pack of Moemate.

Current modules include:


Enables WebXR support for 3D Characters. Chat with 3D Characters in WebXR on Meta Quest 2 and 3. Please report any feedback on Discord. Click on the module, enable it, Goto a 3d character and you'll see a VR button on the character to enter VR mode.


The coder module gives the companion the ability to generate, run, and debug code.

To do things like mathematical calculations, data analysis, graphic plotting, animation creation, or even making games, etc.

Note that coder module works great with GPT 4. Having a pro subscription can give an excellent coding experirence.

To use the module, Enable it from module store. Then, in chat module can be triggered by /commands


  • /coder demand: Create a webpage that converts text to audio

  • /coder demand: >modify demand (Use this to modify a requirement)

  • /coder demand: y (Use this to debug any error in the code)


Allows the user to play chess with the AI

How to play:

  • You can use the /chess start command to start a game

  • you'll be assigned either the white or black pieces after which you can make moves by typing in /chess {insert a move}. A move is written by writing the starting position and the ending position. An example is /chess d2d4.

  • You win by putting the AI checkmate

  • Use /chess command: restart to restart a game


Gives the companion the ability to make jokes, memes, silly words, or animated gifs.

Memes and jokes can be triggered with commands.

Memes: /meme command: Topic

Jokes: /Joke command: Topic


Narration module gives moemate the ability to narrate a document for you.


  • /narration command: upload (To upload a text or pdf file. You will get a popup to upload the file after this command.

  • /narration command:(your_text) (To narrate a paragraph or line)

After uploading a document you can use the following commands:

  • /narration command:play to start the narration again

  • /narration command:save to save the narration and the current place of narration

  • /narration command:load to load your previously saved narration

  • /narration command:reset to reset your narration to the start

  • You can pause/stop the narration by pressing the spinning button on the right of the chat area.


Gives the companion the ability to play checkers with you..

To trigger the module, use this command in the chat and press enter

  • /checkers

Guided Meditation

Gives the companion the ability to do guided meditations with you.

To trigger the module, Enable it in modules and use this command in chat /meditation

  • /meditation Time: 5 Topic: Focus

  • Here, Enter minutes in front of time and add the topic, press enter. Meditation will begin in no time

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