Long term Memory

Moemate supports long-term memory for Basic and Pro Subscribers. By default, Memory is enabled for users.

  • If a user has memory enabled the following happens for each message

  • The text gets embedded, gets given an importance score, and gets put in the memory database together with the timestamp and other metadata.

  • Every time a message gets sent, we retrieve the most similar X amount of messages and those then get sorted by calculating the combination of the normalized scores of the recency, relevance and importance.

  • Note that we have 500 tokens reserved for memories in context.

In simple words, to retrieve a specific memory, you have to ask it by a specific term. For example, A user tells Moemate about their trip to Paris and a restaurant named "La Truffière". Now If they want to ask Moemate about that specific time, they should ask in a way that includes the specific term i.e "Hey, Do you remember the story I told you about my time at 'La Truffière'?" and not "Hey, Do you remember what we talked about yesterday?"

Disable Memory:

Memory can be disabled from chat settings. Disabling memory would increase the context space since it would take out 500 tokens reserved for memories

Clear Memory:

Sometimes, Corrupted memories can cause unwanted issues in chat. Users may want to clear memories. They can from the chat settings.

Memory viewer:

We have added these abilities to the memory viewer:

  • Add memories: Specific memories can be added manually even if they aren't in chat

  • Delete memories: Specific memories can be deleted without affecting others

  • Edit memories: Specific memories can be edited without affecting the messages in chat

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