Create: Selecting right Models

Moemate offers a wide variety of Large Language Models (LLMs). How do you choose the perfect model for your character?

It all depends on your use-case. Is it your assistant? Is it for roleplay? Maybe you’re learning a language? Whatever the case may be, we’ll help you choose the right LLM.

This guide will give a brief breakdown of the various LLMs available on Moemate and what unique qualities they each have to offer.

Choose from the following LLMs:

  1. GPT 4

  2. GPT 3.5 Turbo

  3. Claude v2

  4. Claude Instant v1.2

  5. Synthia 70b

  6. Nous Hermes L2

  7. Mythalion

  8. Tiefighter

  9. Mythomax L2

GPT4 (All-rounder)

GPT4 is the best and smartest model available. It’s a proprietary model, available through the OpenAI API. It offers a 6k context length (compared to the 4k length available on other similar models). It’s an extremely intelligent model capable of in-depth discussions on a wide range of topics, even in multiple languages. However, since GPT4 is not an open source model, it does censor itself on particular NSFW topics.

Overall, GPT4 is the perfect all-rounder, censoring notwithstanding.

GPT3.5 Turbo (Smaller all-rounder, but faster)

Similar on most fronts to GPT4, GPT3.5 isn’t quite as smart, but is much faster.

Claude v2 (Context-length king)

Claude v2 is another very popular model known for its creativity during roleplay conversations. Claude LLMs have context lengths of 6k-7k, which enables their conversations to stay consistent for much longer. We’d suggest you use Claude v2 for roleplay characters as it tends to be the most creative. Although keep in mind that Claude - like GPT - censors, so no NSFW.

Claude v1.2 (Lil bro Claude)

Similar on most fronts to Claude v2, Claude v1.2 isn’t quite as creative, but is much faster.

Synthia 70b (Open source mammoth)

Synthia 70b is an Open Source LLM with 70 billion parameters! This variability and size makes it extremely smart and knowledgeable about a ton of different subjects. It’s a very good choice for an assistant character.

Other open source models

Nouse Hermes L2, Tiefighter, Mythalio and Mythomax are the 13b open source models that Moemate currently offers. These models are constantly being updated and swapped out for the latest models available. Currently, Tiefighter is considered the best one, mainly because its response-lengths are long and it’s quite creative. All the open source models available today have a 4k context window.

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