Create characters

Setup basic prompts

Add basic prompts for your characters such as Bio, Personality, Scenario, Message example, Greetings, First message and System prompt.

AI generated Avatar

Create avatars for your characters by filling in the prompt and selecting Generate Support

We have added support! Import any chub characters by simply clicking on any of them.

Vroid hub Support

Connect your VroidHub account with moemate and import your vroid avatars in a single click

Ready Player Me Support

Moemate comes with Ready Player Me support as well! Create your RPM avatars in just a few clicks.

Upload V2 cards and 3D avatars

Import any custom V2 cards, 3D VRMs, GLBs, FBXs or simple PNG images by selecting "Upload a 3D Model..." and finding your file.

Premium Voice Models

Moemate comes with 100+ voices fluent in languages from all over the world. Preview and select your preferred voice when creating your character. You can also create your own voices through voice cloning. Moemate supports Eleven labs and Azure voices.

Premium LLM models

Moemate comes with Premium LLM models, each with particular specializations. Currently the available models include -Synthia 70B -Nous Capybara 34B -GPT 4 Turbo -GPT4 -GPT 3.5 Turbo -Claude V2.1 -Claude V2 -Claude v1.3 instand -Mythalion -Mythomax -Nous Hermes L2 -Tiefighter 13B

Premium Image models

Select from 30+ Image models to create images

Premium selfie models

Provide your character with a descriptive prompt and choose from 30+ models to create amazing selfies.

Publish and share with the world

Share your characters with the world by setting their Publish status as Public. Otherwise, keep them Private.

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