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This guide will be discussing the Dos and Don'ts of filling up the Appearance section of the Moemate Character Creation process.

Filling in the Appearance section properly will enable your character to send their own selfies while chatting. This is an extremely cool way to make your bots much more realistic and engaging.

Before diving into the fun stuff, let’s just understand some basic terms that you will see on this screen.

Appearance Prompt:

The Appearance Prompt includes all the physical features that you want your character to have. For example, blue eyes, white shirt, etc.

Negative Prompt:

The Negative Prompt includes all the features that your character should NOT have. For example, if your character is male, then you can include “female” in the negative prompt field to decrease the chances of your character selfie being generated as a female.

Selfie Image Model:

Use the Selfie Image Model field to choose the AI Model that will be used to generate all the selfies of your character. There are a large variety of Image Models on Moemate to choose from, but keep in mind that there are various pros and cons to choosing a specific model; it all depends on what aesthetic and art style you want your character’s selfies to have. If you are unsure about which model to choose, just pick the SDXL model; it’s the easiest one to use.

For this guide, we will be trying to get an accurate image of Homelander using the SDXL model.

This is what Homelander looks like. It’s best to separate out all his characteristics and list them rather than providing one long sentence.

Appearance Prompt: Caucasian man, in his 30s, blonde hair, short hair, slick back hair, blue eyes, superhero, plain blue suit, red and white striped cape, red gloves, gold wrist protectors, eagle shaped shoulder pads, realistic

These are all the characteristics that we want to have, we can see some differences compared to the original picture, that’s because the results will not be completely accurate every time. We can increase the number of characteristics to make them more accurate as well as fill up negative prompt as well.

Negative prompt:

superman, cartoon, comic book, female, emblem on chest, logo, watermark


superman was added to the negative prompt because the images were being generated with the superman logo on the chest

Cartoon and comic book were added to avoid images in the style of cartoons or comic books.

Female was added to prevent our character being shown as a female

Emblem on chest was added because since many superheroes have their emblems on their chests the AI model thought that our character should probably have one too.

Logo and watermark are just generic words to put in the negative prompt because sometimes the generated images have a randomly placed logo or a watermark.

Once you’re consistently satisfied with the results, you can move on to the next part of the character creation process!

More examples:

Here are some more examples of filling up the appearance prompt:

Reference image:

The (((characteristic))) is used to increase the weight of that characteristic, increasing the weight means that the characteristic will have a higher chance of appearing in the way mentioned in the prompt.


Tip: If your character is somewhat famous, chances are that the AI models already know what they look like, so you can directly type in their name like so.

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