Moemate Module Development



Current Moemate Version: "0.9.3 Beta"

Modding Moemate should be a low effort, well documented experience. As such we are releasing our first draft of this documentation as well as our API's and core module code for you to review.

Here is a list of very important things to remember on your modding journey:

  1. DEBUGGING: There really is no way to attach a debugger to a module. If you find a way, please let us know! So you will have to just use console.log(). You have two options for getting those logs:
    1. Open dev tools when the app is running. DOUBLE-TAP F12
    2. Set the environment variable: ELECTRON_ENABLE_LOGGING=1 which will output browser logs to the console/terminal instead.
  2. EXAMPLES: The Moemate team has made all of the modules we ship Moemate with publically available as open source. You can find them at the Moemate Core Modules GitHub.
  3. EXPERIMENTAL: This API and module system is only extensive enough to have everything we needed to make the core modules. You will likely find it difficult to mod things we have not yet exposed to the API.
    Let us know in Discord or in GitHub issues, any shortcomings or bugs you encounter when making modules. We will make every effort to include them in a future release.

Good Luck!

At it's core, Moemate is already the most complete virtual AI companion currently available. But with the addition of add-on modules, your virtual companion's abilities are limitless!

Share your creations with the world! Even charge for them and earn income if you wish.

Read through the next few sections in the 'Getting Started' section of the documentation, and then finish up with a complete guided walkthrough of creating your own add-on module for your companion.

Up Next: Modules Overview